Dr. Eric Fethke


For over two decades as a physician, professor, and director, I have seen the evolution of American healthcare in diverse settings including academic medical centers, private practice, and community hospitals.

But I’m convinced, we’re not improving. We’re going in the wrong way.

I have been on the front lines as medical care lost the invaluable personal connection of the smaller private practice in favor of the emotionally-removed and bureaucratic mega-group and corporate medical models. This transition has been further scarred by a variety of economic models to pay for medical care that are not well suited to our primary aim: excellent patient care.

Though at times I am frustrated, I remain optimistic and willing to reimagine a brighter future . I am certain that the only way we can rediscover our uniquely American healthcare system is if we all come together to make it a reality.


Become informed to EMPOWER yourselves and others.

Too often doctors use medical jargon that patients don’t understand. We’re expected to be passive. To accept. To stop questioning. No longer! Here you'll find valuable and trustworthy content about healthcare issues that are important to you. Visit The Doctor’s Inn and invite others into the conversation. This safe and supportive space allows us to tackle healthcare-related topics together. By learning, we will empower ourselves to engage others and advance solutions to our current healthcare problems. We challenge and encourage you to be actively curious.


Become passionate to ENGAGE those all around you.

Empowered with information, we can take the next step and tackle the many healthcare challenges facing our nation. Because talk is not enough. Together we can take action in our homes, communities, and the world at large. We can reach out to those who may disagree with us and invite them along the journey. Our success requires that we build bridges, not walls.


Become organized to EVOLVE our healthcare and the welfare of our planet.

Empowered with new information and engaged in constructive diologue, we now arrive at a point where we, together, advance the status quo. We strive to push each other forward towards equal availability of healthcare for all who share our land and planet. We aim for the highest standards. Better will not be good enough. We reject mediocrity - only the best.

About Dr. Fethke

“For over two decades I have been an active physician, professor and director in diverse settings including academic medical centers, private practice and community hospitals. During my training and career I have lived through the progression from private small practices, the initiation of Managed Care, the conglomeration of hospitals and medical practices into mega groups and corporate entities, and the recent push to transition from Fee-for-Service to Value-Based payment models. This broad exposure as a physician on the front lines has provided me with insights relevant to our current and future healthcare system in the US. I believe that the sharing of such insights with our future physicians, other clinicians and our society at large will prove beneficial to those that will be inheriting our current system with all its flaws and potential.

Join me here, together we will make a difference.”

Dr Eric Fethke is a Pediatric Cardiologist, author and legal advisor who has been practicing in New York for over 22 years. He received his BA from Princeton University and his MD from Columbia University. He has taught medical students and residents at Columbia, Albert Einstein and now Touro universities.